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Restore & More Damage Restoration Company

Mold Removal, Wind, Fire & Water Damage experts

There are times when all the natural elements gets really angry and turn against us and you will hear of tornadoes that blows off roofs, flood that swallows buildings, fire and smoke that leaves tears behind, even molds could begin to grow in areas where they are not wanted.

Water is a necessity for life but when in excess, can soak up buildings, weakening their bricks and making way for the growth of molds. This will result to mold and water damage. Fire too is a necessity for its light and heat but can leave the building in ruins if it goes out of control.

At Restore & More, it is our duty to come to your rescue at such times. We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to help you get over such tremors. We offer services like;

  • Mold inspection and removal
  • Water damage clean up
  • Water damage mold removal
  • Water damage repair services
  • Fire and water damage repair services
  • Emergency water damage repair
  • Wind damage clean up


We have a team of highly trained professionals that can manage emergencies whenever and wherever they occur. For mold removal in home, our team uses highly sophisticated equipment like dryers, dehumidifiers and HEPA filter to get rid of the molds and prevent their reoccurrence. We also offer mold and mildew removal service.

When there is a damage by wind, our team would clean up the dirt left behind, inspect the building and cover up the areas of the roof torn out with temporary material pending major rehabilitation.

Water leaks from plumber pipes are some of the major causes mold and water damage because these water will create the perfect environment for the mold to thrive. As a restoration water damage company, we will properly handle bad situations.

We started as a small family company but have grown tremendously in the past 12 years to become a force to reckon with among all the water damage restoration companies. Hard work and dedication has earned us multiple certifications which further proves our sincerity.

Our insurance system uses the best technology in the world to detect correctly the amount of damage that has been do when there is either fire and water damage or mold and water damage so that your claims are paid speedily.

Location matters less to us, whether it is mold removal restoration, mold removal West Palm Beach or a case of water damage West Palm Beach, we have got you covered. We are that restoration water damage expert you have been looking for. Go ahead and give us a call and you will be amazed by our response time.

We offer emergency water damage repairs and emergency water damage restoration for both residential and commercial buildings. Our services are delivered expertly and at a competitive cost when compared to other companies. When you stick with Restore & More, it is a win win situation because you will be getting restoration of your damaged properties and more.

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