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When is the Right Time to Test Your Home for Mold Growth?

The following are the times when mold testing is highly recommendable or advisable:

  • In case you have bought a new home and the home has been sold “as it is”
  • Following the damage caused by the flood
  • In case you have detected a leak
  • If you notice mold or smell musty odor but cannot see it
  • If you happen to notice unusual stains on furniture, walls, flooring or carpet
  • If someone in your home has had a medical problem that the doctors cannot explain or is not improving
mold removal service in Delray Beach

Step by Step Mold Testing Process

1. The Mold Assessment – Once a customer believes they have a mold infestation, they can call inspectors of a professional firm that provides mold removal service in Delray Beach. The experts either smell it, come across it or feel the effects of the mold spores. These effects could create difficulty in breathing, illness or damage the building materials. If you happen to run into these problems, inspection by experts is highly advisable.

2. Taking Mold Samples – The visual assessment by the experts will help them determine the exact location of the mold. Thereafter, they will take air samples from the affected areas to test for mold spores in the air. Sometimes, a swabbing in an affected room can tell them how much mold is present as well.

3. Writing up a Report – On the basis of the findings, the experts will write a report and will further send them to lab for analysis. Thereafter, they will brief you about the steps they will adopt to remove the mold from your house. The reports received from the lab are considered legal documents.

4. Getting Rid of the Mold – Getting rid of the mold completely from your house is a complicated process. One should always call the remediation specialist who provides mold removal service in Delray Beach to handle the job, because sometimes removing the mold improperly can cause more problems. While removing the mold, professionals use protective clothing (including masks and gloves) and negative air pressure devices to ensure the mold does not spread.

5. The Last Mold Spore Sample – Once the mold has been removed and the air has been sanitized, the samples of the air will be taken once more for testing. If the mold remediation would have been done properly, the mold lab results from these tests should show a reduction in mold spores down to reasonable levels.

Restore And More Now

All in all, the best advice is to be aware about what is going on in your house – and even ask you family members also to be cautious all the time. Or trust a company which offers mold removal service in Delray Beach to make your home a better place to live in.

Water Damage? Is there a need to call the Insurance Agent?

For most of the property owners, the insurance claims for property damage can be both complicated and confusing. Often people think of floods and hurricanes with regards to an insurance claim, but nowadays, the most common cause for property losses is water. The water damage is usually caused by a broken pipe, hot water heater, and malfunctioning plumbing fixtures. Sometimes the causes can also be natural like water might enter the house via the wind-driven rain through a roof, wall, flashing or window.

No matter what the cause is, when building materials get wet they give rise to mold and hence this issue has taken a term of “Major Issue” in the world of insurance. The water damage to any property gives rise to a call for emergency services, but the question that property owners often ask is who to call first. Is it to a relative, friend, property owner, a water damage cleanup in Boynton Beach you found on Google, or last but not least, the insurance agent.

Water Damage Repair Boynton Beach

The suggestions are: The Emergency Service Company or your Agent be your first call

  • The First Suggestion would be to Call your Emergency Service Company

No doubt, a good water damage clean up company can answer all of your queries with regards to water loss and deal with such recurring events. Your local restoration company will send its experts for an on-site visit to investigate what is the cause of water loss and what damage it might cause if not taken care of on first hand. They will explain to you all the required action to protect your property and will also work with your insurance company to get the claim amount in the bank account.

  • The Other Suggestion Would be to Call Your Agent

The local agent will assist you through the claim process, with the presumption that your agent is local and not the one who has made commitments over the call from nowhere. In today’s world of insurance, it is highly recommended, to not to file an insurance claim on your property, until and unless you are damn sure that your issue will result in a covered loss, and that the claim received will be able to bear the loss thus caused.

Your local restoration company involved in water damage cleanup in Boynton Beach will be more specialized in responding to such emergencies and have the expertise to get your property & belongings cleaned & dried quickly. Their professional staff, who have years of industry experience, can take on your cleanup project in a highly professional manner. They will fix the problem, fast to prevent additional damage and costs. In addition, they also utilize the best system to correctly determine the amount of water damage so that your claims are paid speedily.

Find Effective Ways to Fight Damages Caused by Nature

Human beings do have unique ways to combat natural disasters. However, there are times when we cannot but give in to the wrath of the forces of nature. Restore & More Damage Restoration Company takes care to meet the ultimate demands of their clients. We, at Restore and More, have unique ways in which we can solve your problems. We have an expert team of professionals who take care to remove all the problems that are bugging you and are making it difficult for you to maintain the aesthetic beauty of your home.

Services We Deal In

The best of our services include the following:

  • Emergency water damage repair
  • Water damage mold removal
  • Fire and water damage repair services
  • Water damage clean up
  • Wind damage clean up
  • Mold inspection and removal
  • Water damage repair services
How we get things done according to the demand of the situation

We provide the best fire and water restoration services in Delray Beach and other counties in Florida to make sure that our customers’ damage repair needs are fulfilled in a timely manner and in the best way possible. Here are some ways how we tackle the different damages done by natural disasters:

Water Damage Restoration Services

Water is definitely a very necessary thing to our life on earth. However, it sometimes takes the form of a great disaster and becomes inevitable to control. If not taken measures right away, water, in turn, can destroy your entire house. Hence, at Restore and More, we have the right ways to combat the fury of water in a variety of steps.

Water Damage Restoration Delray Beach

Damage caused by water can lead to excessive dampness all over the house, which in turn can lead to weakening of walls as well as growth of molds. We use Xactimate technology to estimate the extent of damage caused to your property by water or flooding. Our experts can fix any broken pipe, drain the excess water due to flooding, restore water supply, and repair other damages in the shortest time possible.

Fire Damage Restoration Services 

Fire Restoration Companies Delray Beach

Fire can cause serious damages to any property including building materials and personal belongings. Residential/commercial fire damage is one of the worse disasters and is devastating to your house or office. Our fire damage restoration process includes prompt damage assessment, environmentally friendly methods for cleaning soot & other residue, industrial grade water extraction resulting from fire extinguishers, reconstruction of damaged areas, and disinfection of the affected area for preventing mild & mildew growth.

You can request emergency help online through our website or call us directly on our emergency number 561-541-5641 and our fire and water restoration professionals in Delray Beach will be right there at your doorstep. You can send us your query through an email. We will be happy to help you 24*7.

Why Water Damage Cleanup Should Only Be Handled By Professionals?

Broken pipes, overflowing kitchen wash basin, broken toilet, burst plumbing lines, flash floods – the key problem that property owners face after these water disasters is how to repair it without causing further damage. When floods or water disasters strike, only certified professionals should be allowed to handle the damage cleanup process. Here’s why!

Water Damage Repair Boynton Beach

## A Thorough Inspection and Damage Assessment The water damage restoration process begins with thorough inspection and assessment of the water damage caused to your home or commercial space. Expert technicians survey the property to determine the extent of the problem in order to discover any safety concerns and develop an appropriate action plan.

## Professional, Emergency Water Removal/Extraction After conducting a thorough inspection of the area, highly trained technicians begins the water removal process almost immediately. From small damages to extensive restoration requirements, a professional water damage cleanup company can handle every situation in the most efficient way. They begin the process by moving out your belongings from the site to safe location to prevent further damage to furnishings such as furniture and other high value items. To remove excess water from your premise, technicians may use submersible pumps, industrial strength wet vacuums and even portable extraction unit mounted on mobile trucks.

Mold Inspection West Palm Beach

## Proper Moisture Detection and Dehumidification Water damage cleanup is not a DIY task because you don’t have the relevant knowledge and exact equipment to carry out all the restoration process. After proper water extraction & removal, your property and belongings need professional grade drying service to minimize the possibility of secondary damage, microbial and mold growth. Water restoration specialists have specialized moisture detectors, hygrometers, and other humidity measurement instruments that can measure the extent of moisture saturation. They will remove the water retained by the building materials and furnishings; maintain the relative humidity; and adjust the temperature to thoroughly dehumidify your property.

Water Damage Cleanup West Palm Beach

## Proper Cleaning of the Premise and Items After dehumidification process, a water damage restoration company will provide proper cleaning services for all your property and other restorable items that have been damaged by water. Professionals have access to bactericides and fungicides destroy any lingering microbes in the premise. The professionals will also use deodorization treatment to ensure your premise and items are brought back to normal.

Restore and More’s trained professionals of Delray Beach County are experienced in responding to water damage emergencies and perform restoration services. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Renowned for our professional water damage cleanup service in Delray Beach and fast response, we will send our technician at your home or business within hours of your initial call to asses and fix your problems left behind by pipe leaks, floods and plumbing problems.