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Find Effective Ways to Fight Damages Caused by Nature

Human beings do have unique ways to combat natural disasters. However, there are times when we cannot but give in to the wrath of the forces of nature. Restore & More Damage Restoration Company takes care to meet the ultimate demands of their clients. We, at Restore and More, have unique ways in which we can solve your problems. We have an expert team of professionals who take care to remove all the problems that are bugging you and are making it difficult for you to maintain the aesthetic beauty of your home.

Services We Deal In

The best of our services include the following:

  • Emergency water damage repair
  • Water damage mold removal
  • Fire and water damage repair services
  • Water damage clean up
  • Wind damage clean up
  • Mold inspection and removal
  • Water damage repair services
How we get things done according to the demand of the situation

We provide the best fire and water restoration services in Delray Beach and other counties in Florida to make sure that our customers’ damage repair needs are fulfilled in a timely manner and in the best way possible. Here are some ways how we tackle the different damages done by natural disasters:

Water Damage Restoration Services

Water is definitely a very necessary thing to our life on earth. However, it sometimes takes the form of a great disaster and becomes inevitable to control. If not taken measures right away, water, in turn, can destroy your entire house. Hence, at Restore and More, we have the right ways to combat the fury of water in a variety of steps.

Water Damage Restoration Delray Beach

Damage caused by water can lead to excessive dampness all over the house, which in turn can lead to weakening of walls as well as growth of molds. We use Xactimate technology to estimate the extent of damage caused to your property by water or flooding. Our experts can fix any broken pipe, drain the excess water due to flooding, restore water supply, and repair other damages in the shortest time possible.

Fire Damage Restoration Services 

Fire Restoration Companies Delray Beach

Fire can cause serious damages to any property including building materials and personal belongings. Residential/commercial fire damage is one of the worse disasters and is devastating to your house or office. Our fire damage restoration process includes prompt damage assessment, environmentally friendly methods for cleaning soot & other residue, industrial grade water extraction resulting from fire extinguishers, reconstruction of damaged areas, and disinfection of the affected area for preventing mild & mildew growth.

You can request emergency help online through our website or call us directly on our emergency number 561-541-5641 and our fire and water restoration professionals in Delray Beach will be right there at your doorstep. You can send us your query through an email. We will be happy to help you 24*7.

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