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Why Water Damage Cleanup Should Only Be Handled By Professionals?

Broken pipes, overflowing kitchen wash basin, broken toilet, burst plumbing lines, flash floods – the key problem that property owners face after these water disasters is how to repair it without causing further damage. When floods or water disasters strike, only certified professionals should be allowed to handle the damage cleanup process. Here’s why!

Water Damage Repair Boynton Beach

## A Thorough Inspection and Damage Assessment The water damage restoration process begins with thorough inspection and assessment of the water damage caused to your home or commercial space. Expert technicians survey the property to determine the extent of the problem in order to discover any safety concerns and develop an appropriate action plan.

## Professional, Emergency Water Removal/Extraction After conducting a thorough inspection of the area, highly trained technicians begins the water removal process almost immediately. From small damages to extensive restoration requirements, a professional water damage cleanup company can handle every situation in the most efficient way. They begin the process by moving out your belongings from the site to safe location to prevent further damage to furnishings such as furniture and other high value items. To remove excess water from your premise, technicians may use submersible pumps, industrial strength wet vacuums and even portable extraction unit mounted on mobile trucks.

Mold Inspection West Palm Beach

## Proper Moisture Detection and Dehumidification Water damage cleanup is not a DIY task because you don’t have the relevant knowledge and exact equipment to carry out all the restoration process. After proper water extraction & removal, your property and belongings need professional grade drying service to minimize the possibility of secondary damage, microbial and mold growth. Water restoration specialists have specialized moisture detectors, hygrometers, and other humidity measurement instruments that can measure the extent of moisture saturation. They will remove the water retained by the building materials and furnishings; maintain the relative humidity; and adjust the temperature to thoroughly dehumidify your property.

Water Damage Cleanup West Palm Beach

## Proper Cleaning of the Premise and Items After dehumidification process, a water damage restoration company will provide proper cleaning services for all your property and other restorable items that have been damaged by water. Professionals have access to bactericides and fungicides destroy any lingering microbes in the premise. The professionals will also use deodorization treatment to ensure your premise and items are brought back to normal.

Restore and More’s trained professionals of Delray Beach County are experienced in responding to water damage emergencies and perform restoration services. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Renowned for our professional water damage cleanup service in Delray Beach and fast response, we will send our technician at your home or business within hours of your initial call to asses and fix your problems left behind by pipe leaks, floods and plumbing problems.

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