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When is the Right Time to Test Your Home for Mold Growth?

The following are the times when mold testing is highly recommendable or advisable:

  • In case you have bought a new home and the home has been sold “as it is”
  • Following the damage caused by the flood
  • In case you have detected a leak
  • If you notice mold or smell musty odor but cannot see it
  • If you happen to notice unusual stains on furniture, walls, flooring or carpet
  • If someone in your home has had a medical problem that the doctors cannot explain or is not improving
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Step by Step Mold Testing Process

1. The Mold Assessment – Once a customer believes they have a mold infestation, they can call inspectors of a professional firm that provides mold removal service in Delray Beach. The experts either smell it, come across it or feel the effects of the mold spores. These effects could create difficulty in breathing, illness or damage the building materials. If you happen to run into these problems, inspection by experts is highly advisable.

2. Taking Mold Samples – The visual assessment by the experts will help them determine the exact location of the mold. Thereafter, they will take air samples from the affected areas to test for mold spores in the air. Sometimes, a swabbing in an affected room can tell them how much mold is present as well.

3. Writing up a Report – On the basis of the findings, the experts will write a report and will further send them to lab for analysis. Thereafter, they will brief you about the steps they will adopt to remove the mold from your house. The reports received from the lab are considered legal documents.

4. Getting Rid of the Mold – Getting rid of the mold completely from your house is a complicated process. One should always call the remediation specialist who provides mold removal service in Delray Beach to handle the job, because sometimes removing the mold improperly can cause more problems. While removing the mold, professionals use protective clothing (including masks and gloves) and negative air pressure devices to ensure the mold does not spread.

5. The Last Mold Spore Sample – Once the mold has been removed and the air has been sanitized, the samples of the air will be taken once more for testing. If the mold remediation would have been done properly, the mold lab results from these tests should show a reduction in mold spores down to reasonable levels.

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All in all, the best advice is to be aware about what is going on in your house – and even ask you family members also to be cautious all the time. Or trust a company which offers mold removal service in Delray Beach to make your home a better place to live in.

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