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Wind Damage Restoration

Wind brings about cooling but when wind moving at high speed blows through an area, it leaves a cascade of destruction behind including blown off roofs, fallen trees and electric poles. Though there are equipments to monitor the direction and the speed of wind, there is little that can be done to stop it because houses cannot be moved.

The more wind gains speed, the more dangerous it would become. However, even the mild one can blow off the roofs of houses, exposing whatever is inside to sunlight and rain. Water damage in home is one of the feared aftermaths of a wind disaster. The strong winds that blow in from the sea carry water pockets in them which it showers on properties after taking out their roof.

Restore & More will come to your rescue at such points to secure what is left of your property. Their team of highly trained professionals will secure your homes with durable roof covering, taping or boarding. They clean out the mess that have been left behind by the wreckage both inside and outside.

We are available 24 hours a day and 7 hours a week to make sure you recover from water damage repair services and the devastation from wind. They will also provide water damage clean up for the flood that may result from wind. We also handle it to the best of our ability whether it be it a residential or commercial building,

The beauty of having Restore & More manage your emergency water restoration service is because they have highly trained professionals and use the most sophisticated equipment which is in vogue among property insurance companies, Xactimate technology, to get an accurate data of the damage so that payment of claims will be fast and hassle free. They can bill your company directly which should further boost your trust for their transparency.

A list of some of the services rendered by Restore & More includes;

  • mold and mildew removal
  • mold inspection
  • water damage clean up
  • water damage remediation service
  • emergency water damage repair
  • emergency water damage services
  • cleaning of the mess left behind by wind both inside and outside

Restore & More has an experience of over 12 years and have grown from a household company to a national one with a team that is quick to respond to wind or emergency water repair no matter the place or time.

With their years of experience and dedication to duty, you can always truest on Restore & More to handle all your damage evaluation and repairs down to insurance cover because they have come a long way to ever think of failing their clients. It is always necessary to have restoration water damage experts close by after a disaster because once the initial threat has been dealt with, availability of clean water is the next paramount thing if outbreak of disease is to be averted. This makes Restore & ore a total package because they offer this service too.

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